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The beginnings of Higher Geographic Education in Banská Bystrica date back to the academic year 1949/1950, when Banská Bystrica acted as a consultation center of the Pedagogical Faculty at the Slovak University in Bratislava for advanced and distance learning in geography education.

Department of Geography was established in 1954, at the College of Education, focusing on the preparation and training of qualified teachers. For twenty-eight years (1964-1992) it became a part of the Faculty of Education and an institution where students from many Slovak regions undertook their studies.
Since 1992 it was a part of the Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University (UMB) and since 1995 it is a part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The field of expertise in education and research was expanded to cover geology and landscape ecology areas.

Teaching and research staff at the Department are focused on a preparation of qualified teaching professionals in the following study programs: Geography Teaching - in combination with other subject (Bachelor and Master degrees), Geography and Landscape Ecology (Bachelor) and Applied Geology (Bachelor and Master degrees).
The  program Teaching Geography contains physical, human, regional geography and didactical aspects of geography. Fieldwork in Slovakia or abroad is undertaken as part of the educational process.

Geography Teaching opens every year in combination with other natural or social subject: Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics; History, Physical Education or Foreign language (English, German or French).

Lectures, seminars and field exercises are studied as either compulsory or non/compulsory subjects. For several years, students and teachers have the opportunity to attend lectures by domestic and foreign experts, which the Department of Geography and Geology regularly invites.

Successful graduate of Geography Teaching is capable to teach at primary or secondary school.

Study program Geography and Landscape Ecology is aimed at assessing the state of the country in the past and present, to specify the transformations and to propose solutions regarding the protection of landscape and nature. Students are able to record any observed changes using GIS. Graduates may be employed in the public or municipal sector, in the management of national parks and protected natural areas, or can continue with graduate studies.

Study program Geography and Regional Development is aimed at exploring the regions at different hierarchical levels, identification of geographic phenomena and processes to determine the direction that should the regional development go. Students independently and creatively explore the particularities of each region. Job opportunities for graduates are in the organizations of state and public administration, in the institutions involved in regional development and planning, as well as in institutions addressing the economic, demographic and environmental issues.

Study program Applied Geology aims to bring the theoretical knowledge and understanding in the field of geology and paleography. During fieldwork students apply learned working practices and activities in the field. Obtained geological data are graphically and digitally processed and evaluated. Graduates can work as professionals in the geological survey and research organizations.