Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Matej Bel

doc. RNDr. Roman Hric, PhD.


  • Mgr. (MSc.), Comenius University Bratislava 1993
  • PhD., Comenius University Bratislava 1999
  • Doc. (habilitation), Silesian University Opava 2005

Research areas (2010 Mathematics Subject Classification)

  • Primary: 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
  • Secondary: 54 General topology,55 Algebraic topology, 53 Differential geometry, 34 Ordinary differential equations, 35 Partial differential equations

Selected publications:

  • R. Hric: Topological sequence entropy for maps of the interval, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 127 (1999), 2045-2052
  • M. Grinč, R. Hric, Ľ. Snoha: The structure of the space C(I,I) from the point of view of Sharkovsky stratification, Topology 39 (2000), 937-946
  • J. F. Alves, R. Hric, J. Ramos: Topological entropy, homological growth and zeta functions on graphs, Nonlinearity 18 (2005), 591-607
  • F. Balibrea, T. Downarowicz, R. Hric, Ľ. Snoha, V. Špitalský: Almost totally disconnected minimal systems, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 29 (2009), 737-766
  • R. Hric, T. Jäger: A construction of almost automorphic minimal sets, Israel Journal of Mathematics 204 (2014), 373-395
  • M. Dirbák, R. Hric, P. Maličký, Ľ. Snoha, V. Špitalský: Minimality for actions of abelian semigroups on compact spaces with a free interval, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 39 (2019), 2968-2982


  • An introduction to limit transitions
  • Mathematical analysis 1
  • Mathematical analysis 2
  • Mathematical analysis 3
  • Mathematical analysis 4
  • Difference equations and applications
  • Partial differential equations
  • Complex analysis

Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Matej Bel