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Study programs

Bachelor degree study programs

Bachelor study takes three years. Study programmes are covered by the Faculty departments and partially by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education, UMB. In the selected programmes a part-time study can be an option, along with the regular full-time study. After fulfilling all the conditions it is possible to continue studying the selected study programmes under the Master study.

Master degree study programs

Master study takes two years (internal form) or three years (external form).

Application deadline for bachelor and master degree: until 30/ 06/ 2020 (internal and external studies)

New information on the measures taken because of the spread COVID-19

1. Graduates, who send applications to the faculties of the Matej Bel University can download their results directly from the electronic book of records and there is no need to confirm the application at the secondary school.

2. Applicants, who completed secondary education earlier are required to upload the scans of all documents relevant to the requirements for a particular study program. The scans also include certificates with a clearly visible stamp of the school and the headmaster's signature.

3. Officially certified copies of the certificate(s) shall be submitted on the day of registration at the latest. We highly recommend you to send a copy of your school-leaving certificate and the graduation certificate of the 4th year by email to beata.dobrikova@umb.sk as soon as the situation permits.

4. After submitting an application online, it is not necessary to send a printed version of the application to MBU faculties.

5. Written entrance examinations are cancelled. 

Study programs by departments:

Department of Biology and Ecology
Department of Environmental Management
Department of Physics
Department of Geography and Geology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics
Department of Technology

Department of Biology and Ecology
Ecology and Protection of Ecosystems | Bc. | MSc. |
Teaching of Biology | Bc. | MSc. |
Evolution of Ecosystems and their Protection| Ph.D. |

Department of Environmental Management
Environmental Safety| Bc. |
Environmental Management | MSc. |
Remediation of Environmental Burdens | Ph.D. |

Department of Physics
Teaching of Physics | Bc. | MSc. |
Theory of Physics Education| Ph.D. |

Department of Geography and Geology
Geography | Bc. |
Geopotencial of Regions | Bc. |
Applied Geology | Bc. |
Teaching of Geography | Bc. | MSc. |
Applied Geology | MSc. |
Geography and Regional Development | MSc. |
Geochemistry | Ph.D. |

Department of Chemistry
Forensic and Criminalistic Chemistry | Bc. |
Teaching of Chemistry | Bc. | MSc. |
Applied Chemistry and Forensic Practice | MSc. |

Department of Computer Science
Applied Computer Science | Bc. | MSc. |
Teaching of Computer Science| Bc. | MSc. |

Department of Mathematics
Mathematics | Bc. |
Teaching of Mathematics | Bc. | MSc. |
Mathematics of Data Analysis and Finance| MSc. |
Mathematical Analysis | Ph.D. |

Department of Technology
Teaching of Practical Preparation | Bc. |
Technology| Bc. | MSc. |