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By car
Kežmarské Žľaby is situated about 4 hour drive from Bratislava (ca 350 km), about 4.5 hours from Budapest (ca 270 km), about 2.5 hours from Krakow (ca 140 km) and about 25 minutes from Poprad (ca 20 km). Just type the coordinates (49°11´43.29´´ N, 20°17´57.18´´ W) in your GPS and step on the gas :-)

By airplane
The easiest way to fly to Slovakia is via Bratislava or Vienna airport.
Bratislava International Airport (https://www.bts.aero/en/) is mainly visited by low-cost airlines. From there you can take a bus or train (https://cp.hnonline.sk/vlakbusmhd/spojenie/).
Vienna International Airport (www.viennaairport.com) in Austria is about 4.5 hours drive to Kežmarské Žľaby.
RegioJet (https://www.regiojet.com/), Slovak lines (https://www.slovaklines.sk/main-page.html) and Flixbus (https://global.flixbus.com/) operate direct bus connections from Vienna (airport, city) to the main bus station in Bratislava, where you can switch bus or train to Poprad.

By train and bus
To see bus and train timetables, seehttps://cp.hnonline.sk/vlakbusmhd/spojenie/