Fakulta Prírodných vied UMB

Organic Synthesis

Cooperation in organic synthesis with:

  • prof. Ing. Milan Remko, PhD., Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Commenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
  • doc. Dr. Juraj Gregan, Department of Chromosome Biology, University of Vienna , Austria

The resarch in organic chemistry is realized in a topic of synthesis of new organic compounds with potential biological activity and study of dependences between biological activity of prepared compounds and their structure. At present we are working on the following types of organic compound:

Aromatic sulfonamides with a basic chain in molecule

Compounds with potential antihypertensive effect and antiglaucoma activity . We prepared three compounds with very strong antiglaucoma effect (already after clinical tests) , see structure A, B, and C.

Aromatic carbamates with basic alkyl chain

Coumpounds with potential local anesthetic activity. See structure D. We synthetized new carbamates and studied a dependence of local anesthetic activity and a structure of prepared compounds . We found out an effect of lenght of alkyl chain of alkoxygroup on aromate, effect of position of alkoxygroup in position orto, meta and para, effect of lenght of connected chain of dialkylaminogroup and carbamate group. We study stereomeric effect of cis- and trans-carbamates as well.

1,4-substitutes of 1,3-oxazoles

Compounds with potential antineoplastic activity. We prepared some new compounds with satisfactory biological activity. See structure E.

Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Matej Bel