Fakulta Prírodných vied UMB

UX Laboratory

This laboratory provides services for scientific research and educational activities to the staff and students of the Department of Computer science FPV and other staff from other departments for various purposes, eg. 3D visualization of the crime scene for the needs of forensic practice.

In the laboratory are created and tested:

  • virtual reality games - we create interactive games that we adapt to HTC Vive, focusing on interaction with virtual world objects,
  • applications for phobia treatment using virtual reality - we create model applications to simulate a phobic environment or phobia object, that we use to detect patient phobia reactions,
  • apps with eye tracking devices (for disabled people)
  • • apps using EEG devices to monitor brain electrical potentials - using Emotive Epoc and Emotive Insight technologies for phobia treatment - we analyze ways to obtain current electrical brain activity from a patient in a phobia state. The measurement is carried out using the Emotive Epoc and Emotive Insight devices, while observing changes in psychophysiological parameters on electroencephalographic records by means of amplitude and frequency analysis,
  • biofeedback monitoring - we perform measurements and investigate various ways of evaluating skin resistance measurements through this device and create a mechanism for presenting measured values ​​using graphs and tables, using the Power BI tool.
  • • 3D crime scene models
  • • simulation of the autistic perceived environment.


“UX Lab” presents the first touch for our students with a user experience. In the future we plan to expand the equipment of this laboratory.

Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Matej Bel