Fakulta Prírodných vied UMB

Science and Research

Research activities of the Department of Computer science FNS MBU are based on the main research line of the faculty and individual members of the department, who are together involved in solving many research activities and projects. Students are also involved in individual research activities under the guidance of educators. In the long term, the research efforts of the Department's staff have focused mainly on the following areas:

1. computer vision, machine learning and robotics,

2. high-performance counting,

3. network technologies and IoT (Internet of Things),

4. virtual and augmented reality,

5. AmI systems in intelligent buildings,

6. theoretical computer science,

7. theory of computer science teaching and training of future computer science teachers.


Department seminars

The Department of Computer science organizes seminars where everyone (teachers, students, other candidates) is cordially invited. The seminars are organized within the framework of the university project Specialized education in natural sciences.



The members of the Department of Computer science are involved in solving scientific, development and other projects (VEGA, KEGA APVV, IT Development Projects of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, ESF and others).

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