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Why study computer science here?

The graduates of the 1st stage of the study program Applied Informatics are able to handle the demands of scientific, technical, and economic development of the present time. They will be useful in all kinds of companies that are based on information technologies and apply the methods and tools of informatics in various branches.

The graduates of 2nd stage of the study program Applied Informatics are able to analyze, design, realize, and maintain software systems of information technologies and carry on research in this branch with high degree of creativity and independence. The graduates can scientifically work in all kinds of software application of information technologies, in which they apply advanced methods and techniques of programming.

The graduates of the 1st stage in the field of Teaching Academic Subjects – Teaching of Informatics are prepared for further continuation in the 2nd stage of study. They are able to work in the fields aimed at the support of institutional education – for example an assistant of a teacher of Informatics or other science subjects. They can recognize the basic structure and content of their specialization, they have experience of present conditions of facilities of ICT and they are able to utilize them.

The graduates of the 2nd stage in the field of Teaching Academic Subjects are able to be teachers of Informatics at the level of primary and secondary education. They know the basic content of informatics disciplines, principles of its structure, methodology of the branch, cultural and social coherence. Besides the teaching capability, they are able to participate in the preparation of metho-dological materials, research and development in the didactics of this branch.

Department is a guarantee of the development of information technology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and hold significant computer science activities both at the Matej Bel University and in Slovakia.

Why study computer science here?

• computer science is the future, CST (computer science technologies) can be found in almost all works,
• no need of any previous knowledge of programming before you study,
• study costs nothing, teaching material is online or available in the library,
• cooperation with IT companies where you can gain valuable experiences and practical training,
• high graduate employment,
• great and knowledgeable teachers and a friendly atmosphere,
• know our students personally,
• up to date,
• can study part of your study abroad,
• modern software and hardware.

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