Mgr. Matej Vesteg, PhD.


  • Work place:Department of biology and ecology
  • Function:University Teacher
  • Job order:Assistant Professor

Where to find meOffice: 109
Phone: +421 48 446 7109


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List of selected publications:


Hadariová L, Vesteg M, Hampl V, Krajčovič J (2018) Reductive evolution of chloroplasts in non-photosynthetic plants, algae and protists. Curr Genet, in press (accepted) 


Krchňáková Z, Krajčovič J, Vesteg M (2017) On the possibility of an early evolutionary origin for the spliced leader trans-splicing. J Mol Evol 85: 37-45.


Hadariová L, Vesteg M, Birčák E, Schwartzbach SD, Krajčovič J (2017) An intact plastid genome is essential for the survival of colorless Euglena longa but not Euglena gracilis. Curr Genet 63: 331-341.


Krajčovič J, Vesteg M, Schwartzbach SD (2015) Euglenoid flagellates: A multifaceted biotechnology platform. J Biotechnol 202: 135-145


Krnáčová K, Vinarčíková M, Rýdlová I, Krajčovič J, Vesteg M, Horváth A (2015) Characterization of oxidative phosphorylation enzymes in Euglena gracilis and its white mutant strain WgmZOflL. FEBS Lett 589: 687-694 


Záhonová K, Hadariová L, Vacula R, Yurchenko V, Eliáš M, Krajčovič J, Vesteg M (2014) A small portion of plastid transcripts is polyadenylated in the flagellate Euglena gracilis. FEBS Lett 588: 783-788


Krnáčová K, Vesteg M, Hampl V, Vlček Č, Horváth A (2012) Euglena gracilis and trypanosomatids possess common patterns in predicted mitochondrial targeting presequences. J Mol Evol 75: 119-129


Vesteg M, Šándorová Z, Krajčovič J (2012) Selective forces for the origin of spliceosomes. J Mol Evol 74: 226-231


Mateášiková-Kováčová B, Vesteg M, Drahovská H, Záhonová K, Vacula R, Krajčovič J (2012) Nucleus-encoded mRNAs for chloroplast proteins GapA, PetA a PsbO are trans-spliced in the flagellate Euglena gracilis irrespective of light and plastid function. J Eukaryot Microbiol 59: 651-653


Vesteg M, Krajčovič J (2011) The falsifiability of the models for the origin of eukaryotes. Curr Genet 57: 367-390


Vesteg M, Vacula R, Steiner JM, Mateášiková B, Löffelhardt W, Brejová B, Krajčovič J (2010) A possible role for short introns in the acquisition of stroma-targeting peptides in the flagellate Euglena gracilis. DNA Res 17: 223-231 


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Vesteg M, Vacula R, Burey S, Löffelhardt W, Drahovská H, Martin W, Krajčovič J (2009) Expression of nucleus-encoded genes for chloroplast proteins in the flagellate Euglena gracilis. J Eukaryot Microbiol 56: 159-166


Vesteg M, Krajčovič J (2008) Origin of eukaryotic cells as a symbiosis of parasitic α-proteobacteria in the periplasm of two-membrane-bounded sexual pre-karyotes. Commun Integr Biol 1: 104-113


+421 48 446 7109