Where to find me

Zamestnanci,Department of Environmental Management

Professional characteristics

Research interests

  • Environmental burdens of mine industry,
  • Environmental pollution,
  • Remediation approaches,
  • Environmental management,
  • Waste management,
  • Mathematical approaches in env. management,
  • Global risk assessments.

Professional qualifications

  • 1976: Dipl.-Ing. – Faculty of Mining, VŠT Košice.
  • 1982: PhD. – Faculty of Mining, VŠT Košice.
  • 1992: assoc. prof. – Faculty of Mining, VŠT Košice.
  • 1996: EUR.ING – EIPOS, TU Dresden.
  • 1997: Env. Auditor – EIPOS, TU Dresden.
  • 1999: prof. – VŠB-TU Ostrava.

 Recent projects

  • From 2019: Immobilization of potentially toxic elements in contaminated soils of important Cu-deposits in Europe (grant scheme VEGA 1/0291/19).

Selected publications

  • Břenek, A., Václavík, V., Dirner, V., 2015: Mechanical and materials Engineering of Modern structure and Component Design; Spinger, 8th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting (ACEX), Paris, Francúzsko, 30. jún – 3. júl 2014, 177-188. (ABC)
  • Andráš, P., Turisová, I., Buccheri, G., Matos, J. M. X., Dirner, V., 2016: Comparison of heavy-metal bioaccumulation properties in Pinus sp. and Quercus sp. in selected European Cu deposits. Web Ecology, 16, ISSN 1399-1183, 81-8. (ADM)
  • Dirner, V., Pavelek, Z., 2016: Aspects of classification of energy sources in terms of their position in the sector of the economy. Acta montanistica Slovaca. (ADF)
  • Škuta, R. Kučerová,R., Pavelek,Z., Dirner, V., 2017: Assesment of Mining activities with respect of the environmental protection. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 22, 1, 79-93. (ADF)
  • Ružičková, S., Remeteiová, D. Dirner, V., 2018: Sediment Matrix charakterization s a tool for evaluating the environmental impact of heavy metals in metal mining, smelting and ore processing areas. Environmental monitoring and assesment 190(3)158 – 163. (ADC)

Consultation hours

11:00 - 12:00