Dávid Ščepka, Marcel Lincényi, Marek Kučera

Prehľad faktorov vplývajúcich na volebnú účasť a vplyv počasia na volebnú účasť ako jeden zo súčasných skúmaných fenoménov

An overview of the factors influencing the voter turnout and influence of the weather


In the presented paper, we offer an overview of the influence of research factors on voter turnout. Factors can be divided into several main categories law, political, cultural, social and psychological. In addition to the relatively broad theoretical basis, new factors have been recently discovered, the impact of which has been undervalued and research almost absent. One such factor is the weather, whose impact on voter turnout has begun to be explored mainly after 2000. This research has mainly focused on the negative impact of precipitation on voter turnout, while the (extreme) temperatures and other meteorological elements remain unexplored. One of the methods of investigation in this issue is, besides correlation analyzes, the method of the ratiocartodiagrams.