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Scientific profile

Department research activity focuses on environmental issues and the creation of environmental science-based foundation.

In addressing the priority focus of the grant, led by prof. Dr. Peter Andráš, PhD., For determining the environmental risks of mining country, heavy metal analysis, their impact on the individual components of the environment, biodiversity, plant tissues, as well as the migration of heavy metals in the system substrate - soil - plant.

A separate research activities constitute environmental management systems operators and integrated management of legal persons or natural persons - entrepreneurs, environmental influences on human health, identification and evaluation of environmental risk and crisis management, management conservation restoration and use of natural, cultural and social values and scientific research focusing on Creating of projects in cooperation with the local government and the third sector, sustainable development, environmental policy, environmental education and awareness, and related management skills.

Under the guidance of prof. Ing. Ján Zelený, PhD. realize research of risk assessment with human and environmental impact, recovery status of the working environment will be exposed to physical, chemical and biological factors. Harmful influence of selected factors on the environment in industrial and urbanized country. Monitoring the effects of light pollution, electromagnetic radiation, the impact of industrial environmental noise, vibration and impact of microclimate conditions in the human environment.

Under the guidance of prof. Ladomerský, research is dedicated to the appreciation of diversified sources of biomass and waste pyrolysis and addresses the optimal use of pyrolysis products in terms of production and sequestration of CO2, respectively GHG. Significant component of scientific activity is research and modeling diffuse emissions of PM2, 5 and PM10 from storage of fuels and raw materials.

Under the guidance of professor Pidlisniuk, research focused on enhancing environmental serucity by developing methods to produce biomass in large quantities on contaminated lands is provided. The goals of biomass production and soil improvement are simultaneously accomplished effectively an efficiently. Laboratory and semi-field research are conducted to investigate biomass production as affected by concentratios of contaminants, soil moisture, precipitation, soil pH, available nitrogen and phosphorus, and soil organic matter. Investigation is going on cooperatively with scientists from universities in Ukraine, USA, Croatia and Poland.

Department works in the European Research Area (ERA) for joint planning of research projects (JPI) in module of Cultural Heritage and Global Change.

Department of the Environment provides teaching in an accredited field of study 4.3.3. Environmental management in the study program Environmental Management bachelor (Bc. - bachelor's) degree and master (Mgr. - MA) degree. At the same time granted the right to act rigorous exams and defense of rigorous works (RNDr. - Dr.)