Research grants


1. GAV 1/1467/94
Project title: Functional completeness properties and topological representation theories for
                   various algebraic models of non-classical logics.
Grant leader

2. VEGA 1/4057/97
Project title: Investigation of affine completeness, affine completions and endoprimality
                   for algebraic models of non-classical logics. Aplications of categorial and
                   topological methods of Natural duality theory in this research.
Grant leader

3. FKFP 1279/1997 (Hungarian Research Grant Agency)
Project title: Nurturing and developing the work of the lattice theory group in Szeged.
Grant member

4. VEGA 1/7490/20
Project title: Dualisability of finite algebras approached via clone theory. Application of
                   effective natural dualitites in exploring which finite algebraic models of non-
                   classical logics are endoprimal and describing free algebras in varieties of
                   orthomodular lattices.
Grant leader

5. ARC 12953/11157 (Australian Research Council, Small Research Grant Scheme)
Project title: Natural dualitites for unary algebras.
Grant deputy

6. PF UMB-VEDA 2/2002
Project title: Plné a silné duality (In Slovak).
Grant leader
7. VEGA 1/0267/03
Project title: Construction of new categorical dualities by
modifying and transferring the
                   existing natural dualities.
Grant leader

8. APVT-51-012502
Project title:
Representations of discrete structures with applications.
Grant deputy

9. VEGA 1/3026/06
Project title: Full and strong dualities and the Full versus Strong Problem in the theory of natural dualities.
Grant leader

10. APVV-51-009605
Project title:
Discrete structures in Algebra and Geometry.
Grant deputy

11. VEGA 1/0485/09
Project title: Canonical extensions of lattice-ordered algebras, dualities and colourings.
Grant leader
12. APVV-0223-10
Project title: Algebraic, topological and combinatorial methods in discrete
Grant member

13. EÚ-ITMS 26110230082
Project title: Mobilitiessupport of science, research and education at M. Bel University
ITMS code of project: 26110230082
Agreement number: 018/2012/1.2/OPV
Grant member
14. VEGA 1/0212/13

Project title: Natural dualities and canonical extensions of algebras.
Grant leader


15. VEGA 1/0337/16


Project title: Natural dualities: piggyback constructions, Bohr compactifications and representations of lattice-ordered algebras.
Grant leader


16. VEGA 1/0152/22


Project title: Ordered algebraic structures.
Grant member


                                                    Educational grants

1. OCHS 2003 (Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme)
Project title: Preparation of two algebraic lecture courses in English
Grant leader

2. 112318-CP-1-2003-1-IT-COMENIUS-C21
Project title: LOSSTT–IN–MATH (LOwer Secondary School Teacher Training IN MATHematics)
Grant member

3. KEGA 3/4149/06
Project title: Tvorba elektronických kurzov z matematiky (in Slovak)
Grant member

4. KEGA 018UMB-4/2018
Project title: Koučovací prístup ako nová forma rozvoja kritického myslenia študentov vo vysokoškolskom vzdelávaní (in Slovak)
Grant member

                                                        Travel grants

1. Travel grant of Jesus College Oxford (June 1994)

2. Travel grant of International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)
to take part in ICM in Zurich (August 1994)

3. Ian Potter Foundation Travel Grant
to take part in First Southern African Summer School and Workshop on Logic, Universal
Algebra and Theoretical Computer Science, Johannesburg (November 30-December 13, 1999)

4. Travel grant of International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 
to take part in ICM in Beijing (China) (August 2002)