Department of Chemistry


Where to find us:

phone: +421 48 446 7208
Tajovského 40
974 01 Banská Bystrica

Department profile

Department of Chemistry provides Bc and MSc study programmes in Environmental chemistry as well as in Chemical education.
Research activities of the department can be divided into four areas: Environmental chemistry, Theoretical/Computational chemistry, Organic and inorganic synthesis, and Educational chemistry.

Environmental chemistry

The group counts 4 faculty members. Their research is mainly oriented to monitoring of trace elements and heavy metals in environment, monitoring of surface and ground waters related to contamination by oil residues and on waste chemistry and management. The group is also involved in the development of electroanalytical methods such as isotachophoresis and electrophoresis.

Theoretical/Computational chemistry

The group currently consists of 4 faculty members. Their research is focused on (i) development and application of methods for calculations of molecular nonlinear optical properties, (ii) study of intermolecular interactions in charge transfer complexes, (iii) calculations of interaction energies for inhibitor-enzyme systems including molecular docking, and (iv) development of the relativistic quantum chemistry methods (DIRAC code).

Organic and inorganic syntheses

The group now counts 3 faculty members. Their research is oriented to synthesis of tumor angiostatics by click-chemistry approach and antioxidants. New projects are being set up focused on synthesis of DNA intercalates. Inorganic chemistry topics include mainly stereospecific syntheses of d-element complexes.

Chemical education

The group consists of 2 faculty members. Their research areas range from Computer based Science Labs (Micro-computer Based Laboratories, MBL), motivation and learning strategies of students towards Chemistry and preparation and analyses of textbooks for Chemistry.

Current or recent funding includes:

  • national grants by the Scientific Agency of the Slovak Republic (VEGA) and Slovak Research and Development Agency (APVV)
  • COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Programme

Leading scientists of the Department are Assoc. Professor Fridrich Gregáň (organic chemistry), Assoc. Professor Miroslav Medveď (computational chemistry).