Information about the possibility of study

The Department of  Computer scienceis granted the right to award the academic title “Bachelor” (Bc.) and the academic title “Master” (Mgr.) to graduates of full-time and part-time forms of study in the Applied Computer sciencestudy program and graduates of full-time of study in the Computer Science Teaching program in combination, according to legal regulations and conducted at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Matej Bel University. The Department of Computer science has the right to award the academic degree of “Doctor of Education” (PaedDr.) and the academic degree of “Doctor of Natural Sciences” (RNDr.) to graduates of study programs who obtained the  “Master” degree after passing the rigorous examination, which consists of advocacy of rigorous work in the field of study in which graduate achieved university degree or in the related field of study.

Fields of study (all acreditated) 

Teaching full-time study

  • Teaching Computer sciencein combination - 1st degree (Bc.)
  • Teaching Computer science in combination - 2nd degree (Mgr.)

 Faculty opens following combinations in the next academic year:

Computer science- biology

Computer science- chemistry

Computer science- physics

Computer science- geography

Computer science- mathematics

Computer science- technical education

Computer science- English language and literature

Computer science- Slovak language and literature

Computer science- philosophy

Computer science- history

Computer science- psychology

Computer science- technology

Computer science- physical education


Non-teaching full-time study

• Applied Computer science - 1st degree (Bc.)

• Applied Computer science - 2nd degree (Mgr.)


 Non-teaching external study

• Applied Computer science - 1st degree (Bc.)

• Applied Computer science - 2nd degree (Mgr.)


Third age university

• Information and Communication Technologies (three-year study)

Skilled students can also apply for the title PaedDr. (Doctor of Education) or RNDr. (doctor of natural Sciences).


Admission conditions

first stage of study

1. Applicants can be admitted to the FPV UMB study programs on the basis of a study program guarantor's proposal without admission exams, if the number of applicants for the study program does not significantly exceed the planned number. The basic condition for their admission is successful completion of secondary school by passing the school-leaving examination.

2. If the number of applicants for a given study program significantly exceeds the planned capacity of the faculty, the applicants will be admitted based on the results of the entrance examination (written tests). The successful candidate must achieve a minimum success rate of 50% by passing a written test (in the case of teacher training courses in a combination, the success rate is related to the test for each qualification subject).

Note: In the few past academic years, a written entrance examination was conducted only in the FORENSIC AND CRIMINALIST CHEMISTRY study program. For other study programs, applicants were admitted without written entrance examinations only on the basis of fulfillment of the basic admission conditions.