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Department of Biology and Ecology,Pasportizacia

Professional characteristics


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Lectures and seminars

Ecological biomonitoring (Bc)

Applied biomonitoring (Bc)

Methods of research work (Bc, Mgr)

Biological principles of nature protection (Mgr)

Ecology of terrestrial environment - ecology forest ecosystems (Mgr)

Legislation on nature protection (Mgr)

Management of protected animal species (Mgr)

Conservation biology (PhD)

Methodology and ethics of scientific work (PhD)


Professional career

2007 – till now: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matthias Belius University Banská Bystrica, associate professor

2000 – 2007 State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republik, Banská Bystrica, researcher-zoologist, head of department, director of Centre of Nature and Lanscape Protection, Deputy for the professional and methodological management

1996 – 2000 Slovak Environmental Agency – Centre of Nature and Lanscape Protection, Banská Bystrica, researcher-zoologist, head of department

1993 – 1996 Slovak Environmental Agency – Headquaters, Banská Bystrica, researcher-zoologist

1992 - 1993 Centre of State Nature Protection Banská Bystrica, Poľana PLA-BR Administration Zvolen, researcher-zoologist

1986 – 1992 Headquaters of State Nature Protection Liptovský Mikuláš, Poľana PLA Administration Zvolen, researcher-biologist

1985 – 1985 Čierny Balog Forest enterprise, entrance practice



Assoc. prof. in Landscape use and protection (2011) Faculty of Natural Sciences Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Thesis: Ecological and environmental factors of the spatial extension of otter in Slovakia.

Ph.D. in Ecology (2000) Institute of Forest Ecology (Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Zvolen; Thesis: About the ecology of otter (Lutra lutra) in Slovakia.

Ing. (1985) Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen; Thesis: Evaluation of chamonis intoduction to Low Tatras.


Research interests

Ecology and protection of selected animal groups and species (crayfish, otter, amphibians, great carnivores...)

dynamic ecology

history of nature conservation


Current research projects



Completed research projects

  • project KEGA 036UMB-4/2018  Current and system ecology: structure, dynamics and complexity of communities and ecosystems
  • SAIA project 2017-10-20-002 Searching for shy canid species – wolf and golden jackal survey in potential co-existence areas of Austria and Slovakia
  • project VEGA 1/0411/14 Tourist visitation as a factor influencing diversity of organism in protected area – worker
  • project OPV-2012-1.2/05-SORO
  • project VEGA 1/0303/12 Genetic differentiation of fragmented populations of capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) and black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) in western Carpathians (2012-2014) – second investigator
  • project KEGA 001UMB-4/2012 Set of three university textbooks (Management of protected areas, Management of protected animal species and Management of protected plant species) – second investigator
  • project VEGA Habitat requirements of Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra L.) on Slovak streams (2008 – 2010), project leader
  • project VEGA 1/0762/09 Ecological integrity of the country and evaluation of its changes in the cultural landscape in relation to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the global climate change (2009-2011) – worker
  • project VEGA 1/4051/07: Primary quarrying relicts in relation to the cultural landscape of Zvolen Basin (2007-2009) – worker
  • project APVV: Genetic diversity and differentiation of populations of selected species of hunting and  protected animals (2006-2008) – worker
  • project LIFE: Protection of habitat diversity in the Slovak Paradise National Park (2005-2007) – member of the project steering committee


List of selected publications over the last 5 year

  • URBAN P. & SABO P. (eds.) 2021: Úvod do systémovej ekológie I : prípadové štúdie. Vydavateľstvo Univerzity Mateja Bela - Belianum; Banská Bystrica, 91 pp. ISBN 978-80-557-1841-5, 978-80-557-1842-2
  • URBAN P., SABO P. & PLESNÍK J. 2021. How to define ecology on the basis of its current understanding. Folia Oecologica 48(1): doi: 10.2478/foecol-2021-0001.
  • SABO P., URBAN P., MALINA R., ŠVAJDA J. & TURISOVÁ  I. 2020: Úvod do systémovej ekológie I : od environmenálnej krízy k princípom ekologickej zložitosti a organizácie ekologických systémov. Vydavateľstvo Univerzity Mateja Bela – Belianum, Banská Bystrica, 286 pp. ISBN 978-80-557-1728-9, ISBN 978-80-557-1734-0, ISBN 978-80-557-1735-7
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Consultation hours

13:30 - 16:00